Mike Kyle    Director of Debate / CEO / Academy Head of School

Ted Kim    Public Forum Debate and Student Congress Coach and Math Extroardinaire

Jung E. Park    Director of Speech / COO

An accomplished public speaker for many years, Coach Mike began his competitive speaking career at the age of 12 when he was invited to attend a high school speaking competition on behalf of South Salem High School (even though he was still in junior high!).  Mike won first place in both the Novice division of Humorous Interpretation and junior division of Lincoln Douglas Debate.  From then on and throughout high school, Mike went on to win 78 times, taking home 117 trophies along the way.  Among his early accomplishments, Mike became the youngest recipient of the National Forensics League’s (NFL) coveted double ruby, receiving it in his freshman year of high school.  Throughout high school, Mike took home the most awards in the Policy Cross Examination Debate format, in addition to winning many awards for Lincoln Douglas and Student Congress. Mike was awarded a debate scholarship to Arizona State University and continued winning speech and debate tournaments in college, in both NDT and CEDA formats. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from ASU with a B.S. in Engineering, Mike also became a notable and sought-after public speaker in the Printing and Marketing industry, speaking at industry events such as VUE Point and PODi. Mike began realizing his dream of mentoring students in speech and debate in 2011.  In a relatively short time, Mike and his students became forces to be reckoned with in the speech and debate world.  Mike’s training has helped his students represent their own high schools and win top awards by using his unique method of research, critical thinking, character development and argumentation style.   His caring and personalized mentoring has caused many of his students to tell him that he is not only the best speech and debate coach they have ever had, he is also the BEST TEACHER they have ever had!  Perhaps the most vivid example of his unique coaching style is that, at tournaments, Mike does not abandon his students by hanging out in the coaches’ lounge, socializing with other coaches and eating the bad pizza.  Rather, he is right in the trenches with his students, sitting with them in the student cafeteria or group area, going over strategies, and planning for the next round. He is there for them 110%.

Michael Murray    Lincoln Douglas Debate and Limited Prep Events Coach

Jung graduated in 1992 from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges cum laude, B.A. General Studies, with a concentration in English and American Literature and Language.  During her time at Harvard, she was one of only a few undergraduates personally accepted into a graduate English course taught by the head of the Harvard English department.  She was also among the select few consistently accepted into Harvard’s competitive creative writing courses.  Jung also received her J.D. from UC Davis School of Law in 1996 and opened her own law office in 1998 in San Francisco.  She won her first major trial, getting a six-figure judgment for her client.  Because Jung has always had a love of teaching and helping high school students, Jung has also been tutoring students in SAT prep since her days in college (first as a Princeton Review tutor and later as a tutor at after school academies for Asian students).   In recent years, Jung has also been helping students prepare for the college application process in her unique and powerful manner.

Math and Science Guru, Ted Kim is a utility player at Nova 42 Academy, mentoring and educating many of our student ends in Mathematics while at the same time coaching our Public Forum debaters with his outstanding academic approach to challenging debate resolutions. Ted is often described as simply Ted, because he has such a unique and fun approach to teaching. Ted is constantly studying and researching Mathematic strategies and drills. He is focused on more than just Math, but also on the application of math to the real world. His approach to Public Forum allows students to both understand the process and skills required, but also on the content and context of the topic. Ted is a well respected tutor and coach that has parents and students alike raving about his ability and care!

Ebru Dogan    Public Forum Debate, Elementary Events and Little Novas Coach

Michael Murray is an educator and coach with over 13 years of speech and debate experience. Michael has been with Nova 42 since 2017. Institute. Michael spent 9 years as a high school and college competitor and is going into his 7th year of coaching.  Michael competed for De La Salle High School (Concord Ca), Diablo Valley College (Pleasant Hill, Ca) and California State University of Long Beach (Long Beach, Ca). He graduated CSU Long Beach in 2014 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Political Science with a focus in Global Studies. Michael is currently working on a degree in Master in Fine Arts in Debate and Communication from the University of Arkansas at Monticello.  Michael primarily competed in parliamentary debate, impromptu, and extemporaneous speaking, but has competed in almost all other speech and debate events.  Michael has held a variety of coaching positions at different schools and forensics academies. Michael was Assistant Director and later the Director for Forensics at Oxford Academy High School (Cypress Ca), Director of Forensics at Cypress High School (Cypress, Ca) and Director of Debate at Honor Academy (Cerritos, Ca). Michael is currently  head  coach of Lincoln Douglas debate , head coach of Parliamentary debate coach and Head coach of  World Schools debate at Nova 42. Michael is also the Head Coach of World Schools debate for the East Los Angeles District of the National Speech and Debate Association.  He is also a Diamond Level Coach with the NSDA. Michael is an active member of the Latinx Causes of NSDA.  Michael has coached many students who qualified to multiple prestigious tournaments including the NSDA Championship, The Tournament of Champions, and the Californian High School State Championship.  Some of the students Michael has coached won prestigious awards at these tournaments including, California Championship Top 15 in National Extemporaneous Speaking ( 2014), NSDA Congressional Debate Champion and 4th place finisher ( 2015,2016), Tournament of Champions Semifinalist in Congressional Debate (2016) , NSDA Middle School Extemporaneous Debate Champion (2017). NSDA Middle School Lincoln Douglas Debate 2 Double Octo Finalists, 1 Octofinalist and 4th, 6th, and 10th place speakers (2019),Top 56 in LD debate at the NSDA Championship (2021), Top 32 and Top 16 team in World Schools debate at the NSDA Championship (2021). 

"Ebru Dogan has been an instructor and coach at Nova 42 for two years, heading the Elementary and Little Novas program. She has qualified at the National level for Extemporaneous Speech and at the State level in Thematic Interpretation.  She has several accolades under her belt ranging from league and invitational tournaments such as JV SPAR champion at Stanford, runner-up Extemporaneous Speaker at Arizona State University and runner-up JV Impromptu Speaker at Jack Howe Invitational. Her coaching at Nova has helped students attain many awards at both the Elementary and Middle School level such as guiding a team to Semi-Finals of Public Forum at the Berkeley Invitational. She is constantly creating new curriculum that allows students to learn and apply public speaking skills in fun and exciting ways. Her experience in the world of Speech and Debate and her dedication towards her students has helped cultivate a program that the students can now start early and carry with them for the rest of their life."