Our Philosophy

From the very beginning Mike and Jung wanted to create something truly different and very meaningful. An educational sanctuary where students could flourish, be inspired and challenge themselves in so many ways! They knew very well what they did not want to do...what every other academy does. They wanted to have an academy rich with resources; books (lots of books), TVs, high-speed Internet, free snacks, comfortable seats and tables, search engines, experts, security, a place to hang out and most importantly an academy that focused on students, not profits.

Nova 42, FPC is California's fifth Flexible Purpose Corporation formed in April of 2012. Although it is a for-profit entity, it is allowed to have a not-for-profit purpose. This form of corporation is unique and powerful in the field of education, allowing Nova 42 to offer scholarships to deserving students and to re-invest profits immediately back into the operation. The corporation also has some lofty goals. It is Nova 42's intention to continue the growth of the after-school operation with new locations and enhanced offerings. In seeking the best resources and partners to achieve this goal, Nova 42 is focused on maintaining the highest reputation with the very best instructors, coaches and environment. Nova 42 does not want to re-invent education, it simply wants to take education to its highest level.