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People often ask us what our name means.  “Nova” is a star at its brightest.  Our programs spark that fire within a student so that he or she can shine brightly.  Even when he or she returns to equilibrium, he or she will still let light shine.  “42” is co-founder Mike Kyle’s favorite number and the answer to the question, “What is the answer to life, the Universe and everything?”

We are not your typical after school academy.  We are not your typical after school instructors.  We are professionals from the world of business, law and entertainment turned educators, mentors and visionaries.  Our goal is to bring the dinosaur of traditional education out of its dusty museum, breathe new life into it (but not all creepy like in Jurassic Park) and have it triumphantly march about spewing forth true knowledge and practical secrets of success. We achieve this by approaching education from a holistic perspective, caring about our students, creating innovative and unique methods of instruction, hiring true educators and mentors, emphasizing interactive and active learning techniques and, of course, having a lot of fun in the process!

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"The Answer!"

Congratulations, you have found the answer. We are a different kind of academy and we can't wait to show you. Our "real world" approach to communication is focused on providing skills that allow our students to accomplish amazing things in life. We also know how to make it fun.  Come by and observe a class (most academies won't even let you do that) and see for yourself.

We are professionals drawn to the world of education to share our expertise, experience and real world strategies?

About Us

Building Confidence!  What better way to build a student's confidence than letting them demonstrate how awesome they are with Speech and Debate. Nova 42 speech programs start with the basics and quickly build to competition opportunities for students to test out their new skills.

Competition isn't all about the trophies! OK so we keep winning lots of trophies, but the real payoff is foundation it provides our students to go out and do amazing things in the world. Not only do they understand how to make a difference, they have the skills to make a difference.


There is a new tournament on the schedule for December 3rd after-school - please see our newsletter for specifics.


We need at least one more public forum debater and there are still IE spots open....contact Coach Mike as soon as possible!